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    Exclamation The Front Sheet

    The following new games are filling up.
    1650 2 wk (Game 55) 4/25 nations available. Note 4 nations list is requested here please.
    1650 GB 2 wk (Game 57) 11/12 positions available (2 nation game)
    2950 2 wk (Game 236) 24/25 nations available (utp 2 nations 20% discount for playing 2)
    Kinstrife 2 wk (Game 648) 12/14 nations available
    Kinstrife GB 2 wk (Game 650) 5/6 positions available (2 nation game no 21,22 nations)
    1000 2 wk (Game 43) 23/25 nations available

    So 1650 is close to filling - the rest are not... KS GB game filled reasonably quickly though
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    Setting up in a game:

    Latest News:


    New combined mapping/order input program now available. See below for more details.

    Webmail Server

    Following on from the SS situation we've now installed a new service. We've got the webmail server now active but it's slightly tricky to use (not much harder but slightly harder than email). It's been tested thoroughly.

    You can visit it here:

    Your user ID is in the format: yyy-YYYYYY where yyy is a 3 letter random code and YYYYYY is your account number
    Your password is in the format: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Please let me know if anything doesn't work right! The password is not changeable at present by players. To reiterate IT IS NOT CHANGEABLE so don't give it out. It's something that we're working on so I strongly advise you not give it out to anyone else. Note it's as close to fool-proof for receipt of turns and also sending out turns at the end of the day as we can make it at present.

    All our players you have been assigned a webmail mailbox *. This is a website you can log into, and once you are logged in, you are actually on a machine in this office. See details above.

    You can then click a button to submit your turn, and once you hit send you can know that the file is in this building - ie we have your turn. The system generates a receipt within about 15-30 seconds, for additional assurance. (You can click refresh if you're impatient but we advise just waiting a short period).

    At the end of the day we run a process whereby your turns also appear in this mailbox every time your game runs, though we have not yet organised for the frontsheet to be attached. So you can also receive your turns here (so if email isn't working properly check here at the end of our working day - we'll try to put a reminder up.) At present we're not able to add the Front sheet - that's a future project.

    The only time the system has a problem is if the webmail server itself goes down. This has happened about a few times a year, generally for a few hours until we know it is down and reboot it, generally when there's a power cut. The beauty of the system is that the user (ie you) who tries to log into the computer while it is down gets a 'website not found' error message and knows that the server is down, and can then use email or fax to send in the turn.

    If you are interested in signing up for this we will send out your Password and User ID. Just email us requesting that information. It's more robust than sending in turns by emails but does take a little bit of learning. We advise players new to it to use both the webmail and the normal email/fax route that you are used to.

    Don't give your password out! We will not change your password (to improve security on the webserver) to something you want, but we can assign you a fresh webmailbox if you accidentally give out your details to someone else. If you think you've been compromised then please contact us.

    Fourth-age Module ChangesWe have many many improvements to the set-up options for the fourth-age Module.

    Setting up in a game:
    Note Gunboat and Grudge games cost more to set-up in .

    When I get all 25 nations into the game I will allocate you your choice of nation from the list of nations that you have sent me - please send multiple nation choices as this helps to get everyone their 1st or 2nd choices - if too many choose only 1 nation the system falls apart. All nations are potentially available until I set up the game.

    Descriptions of the type of game follow - please check this when contacting me with regards playing in that game. When joining with allies please tell me so that I can help out. You cannot join 1650/2950 games as Neutral with an aligned or Neutral ally.

    Up to 2 nation game: You can play one or two Aligned nations, or one Neutral nation.
    2 nation game: You must play two nations.

    Note please ask for variant games we can try to get you opposition for them if you are interested - mostly Grudge teams though - if I get 10 players for any single type of game then I will put it up for general availability below and push it, always check the rules for variant games;

    Gunboat: or a set of nations in one game, and a duo in another.

    (Please note past turns for all these nations are available) Ask for specifics on what is available.


    Check out our Message Board: and the "mepbmlist" via
    ME Games Ltd

    UK: 340 North Road, Cardiff CF14 3BP UK
    US: EpicMail, PO Box 801, Wexford PA 15090-0801

    Phone Times: 10am-6:30pm UK Time (BST); 5am-1.30 (EST)
    UK: 029 2091 3359 (029 2062 5665 can be used if main engaged)
    (Dial 011 44 29 2091 3359 if in the US)
    UK Fax: 029 2062 5532 (24 hours)
    US Fax: 1-503-296-2325 (preferred)
    US Phone: 412)302-2505 EST Weekdays
    US alternate Fax: 801 650 8073 Fax 24hrs
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    Re: Setting up in a game:

    To infinity and beyond!

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