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The Voice of Arda

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It is gratifying to have four issues to our collective credit. Yet, we cannot rest upon the laurels of previous issues.

Did the Fellowship of the Ring abandon its pursuit of the great objective?

Of course not! Since no articles about Middle-earth have graced the pages of Suspense & Decision magazine, yet, surely much work remains to be done.

Recently, Whitmal posted a thread in the forum, here, volunteering Brad to write an article. Will such come to fruition? Will Brad save the day, article-wise? Or will Middle-earth continue to avoid accolades from its players in the pages of this publication?

The Free Peoples are content, it seems, to say nothing. The Dark Servants emulate their silent example. How very much alike the players of this game are, in that regard. Who will rise to the occasion, and champion their respective cause? Who will be the very first to commit themselves to seeing their words enshrined in print, that their word may go forth like the wind unto distant parts, to reach eyes and ears that have no knowledge of this game?

'Twas Whitmal who mentioned the magazine in the forum, here. 'Twas J.Abbott who seconded Whitmal's nomination of Brad.

But, will Brad take up the cause? Or will someone else beat Brad to the punch?

Brad spelled another way is Bard. But, will Brad be the Bard that tells the tale that yearns to be told, that needs to be told, that demands to be told??

The Nazgul are silent. Urzahil is silent. All of Middle-earth is silent.

Has all of Arda lost its voice?

NOTE: Article submissions should be sent to: GrimFinger@GrimFinger.Net
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