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Perhaps we enter a new Age

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As the Mad Scientist of PBM, Mark Wardell, continues his holiday cavorting, I have broken into his laboratory, and begun compiling issue # 2 of Suspense & Decision magazine, myself. Now, if I only knew how to work this equipment?

Regardless of my Neanderthal approach to bringing this latest PBM-esque monster of a magazine to life, I did want to take a moment out to provide an update to the gamer community, here, of where we're at on the Progress Meter for issue #2.

The bulk of issue #2 has already been compiled into the draft version, with work continuing on fleshing out issue #2 a tad bit further. I'm not sure, yet, just how many pages will comprise issue #2. However, issue #2 will have more pages than issue #1. Now, whether that ends up being a good thing or a bad thing, we'll just have to wait and see.

The all-seeing eye of Sauron may fill the inhabitants of Middle-earth with dread, but none of Sauron's minions have yet dared to venture forth with article or review in hand, to spread his vile influence to the pages of Suspense & Decision magazine. Perhaps his hour has passed, though. Perhaps we enter a new Age.

I have some available ad space in issue #2 that has not yet been claimed. Do any players of the game feel bold enough to claim this space in the name of their cause?

If you do, then e-mail me at: GrimFinger@GrimFinger.Net
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