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The eerie quiet suits the sleep of hobbits

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Issue # 3 of Suspense & Decision magazine is just around the bend, due out in about a week or so from now. How unfortunate it is, then, that no articles have arrived from the realm of Middle-earth, unarguably one of both literature's and gaming's finest and colorful settings.

As the free peoples of Middle-earth renew their struggle for freedom from the oppression of Sauron's malevolent touch, they do so in silence, it seems. Our readership basks in the the eerie quiet.

It may well be, of course, that no real interest of note burns in the hearts of those who play the game, insofar as having any desire to share their tales from time spent in this setting. For some, certainly, such adventures are best spoken of in hushed tones and quiet circles.

Perhaps it is best to let sleeping hobbits enjoy their reprieve.

If, on the off chance, any are able to rouse themselves from their self-imposed slumber, and care to take words to the digital parchment of the modern day, then send your submissions of articles or reviews for MIddle-earth PBM to GrimFinger@GrimFinger.Net for inclusion into Suspense & Decision magazine.
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