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All roads lead to Mordor

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It's been a long time, since I read the Lord of the Rings. Yet, of late, I feel as if I tread a long road to Mordor.

Just a small hobbit in a big world. The world of PBM gaming. A world that continues to grow, even when you reach what you thought would be the very end of it.

And, so, as I sit here at the end of this world, another one opens up before me. I pause to stare out across the horizon. I ponder what awaits me...out there.

It's quiet here. Peaceful. In the forum that lies just around the bend from this mossy knoll of a blog, a breeze continuously stirs, the sound of voices little more than a murmur.

Perhaps I should have set up camp there. But, the ring has a will of its own - and that will is a patient one. It is said that patience is a virtue. What, pray tell me, has more patience than a ring?

It may well be that I am destined to fail on this journey of mine. Perhaps fate has ordained that it shall be but a Fellowship of One. Yet, in my heart, I already know that that is a lie. It has been a good day.

If you were to ask me why I blog here, I probably wouldn't have a very good answer. I am not blind, like Akh˘rahil.

A magazine with no pages is a paradox. Wouldn't you agree? Unfortunately, I am no Tolkien. So, I struggle. At least a real hobbit could hide. Here, I am out in the open, the open expanse that lies beneath an Internet sky.

Surrounded by strangers, engulfed by dangers. I wish it were otherwise. Not the danger - just the circumstances.

The Fellowship didn't start here. It didn't start with me. The part that I play is small, the smallest of all.

Today, I felt my mortality. It is a very real feeling. As I proceed on my journey, you may join me at any step along the way.

I know, now, why Bilbo boarded that ship.

The Fellowship of Play By Mail. How long have you been a part of it?
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