From the Mouth of Sauron

Issue:    E-7
Date:     02-04-94

Note:  all authors retain exclusive rights to their material.  
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I've only one thing to say this time around:  the Mouth needs your 
help!  Yep, the magic well of articles and comments that filled this 
electronic rag to overflowing nearly ran dry this issue.  And the 
Mouth is only as good as it's contributors.

So all you writers and question-posers, take keyboard in hand and 
have at it!  Anything, anything at all that's even remotely 
connected to ME-PBM will get published.  I don't do rejections 
unless you get nasty about another player, and so far no one's done 
that (well, in public anyway).

On the brighter side, there's a good deal of info on dragons this 
time around.  Some of this was discovered by yours truly, the hard 
way.  Oh, my aching dwarves....

TO WEI WANG:  you didn't send your address along, and my system 
doesn't pick it up.  I can't put you on the mailing list until I get 
it.  If anyone out there knows who Wei is, please tell him this - I 
can't find him.


No changes.


Demon of Aglarond:  apparently one reader didn't get the Mouth with 
the correction to the Demon of Aglarond.  The Demon is NOT a balrog, 
but ranges the same area as 'a balrog' (White Mountains/Gap of 
Rohan) and affects loyalty at pop centers.  The Demon has a 
guesstimated challenge rank of 50.

Radagast:  Radagast seems to be either a character AND army 
encounter, or just a character encounter.  He appears as an old man 
in brown robes feeding a flock of birds.  Options are:

ATTACK the man
CAPTURE the man and take him hostage
INTERROGATE the man for info
FEED the birds
REQUEST the man's name
ALLOW the man to join you
SAY _____ (only one word)

The results of only one option are known, and even this is 
unconfirmed:  FEED the birds = escape unharmed for Dark Servants, 
learn new spells/get skill increase for Free Peoples.

Swamp Thing:  actually, this is the lake encounter in the file.  If 
you kill the monster you'll most likely get a tidy sum of gold 
(11,000 reported).

Thanks to Arnold Mohammed and Dena Kiker for this information.


Angurth:  DEMAND obedience = combat for Free Peoples.

Bairanax:  Act MEEK = escape unharmed for all allegiances.  FLEE = 
combat for all allegiances.

Daelomin:  DEMAND obedience = combat for Free Peoples and Neutrals.

Itangast:  Say NAME = combat for Free Peoples and Neutrals.  Act 
MEEK = injured/killed for Free Peoples and Neutrals.

Klyaxar:  Offer TEN thousand gold pieces = combat for Free Peoples 
and Neutrals.

Khuzadrepa:  Say NAME = combat for all allegiances.

Lamthanc:  SAY "Riddle" = combat for Free Peoples and Neutrals.

Lomaw:  Act MEEK = escape unharmed for all allegiances.

Ruingurth:  SAY "Riddle" = escape unharmed for all allegiances.

Scorba:  SAY "Riddle" = injured/killed for Free Peoples and 

Smaug:  Offer ONE artifact = injured/killed for all allegiances.  
Offer TWO artifacts = injured/killed for all allegiances.

Thanks to many people whose names I forgot to record for the credits 
in this section.

 Other Corrections and Notes

The Arthedain pop center at 0707 is Culwic, not Forwic.

From Doug Bergstrom

Question:  How accurate is that equation for assassinations?  Seems
abit odd to me since this is a hard action.

Question:  Does anyone out there seriously think that the Dark
Servants could win a grudge match?

From Eric Schnurr

It seems that the loyalty of a pop center you get thru INFOTHR comes 
in at 2/3 the Emissary rank that took it away.  I haven't done much 
Emissary work so please verify it and let me know. (I only have two 
data points to work off of.)

         In Your Ear

Nothing this time.


ME 27

Dem Forests Be Smoking Again!

ME 43

Are we having fun or what?

ME 104

You free peoples barely gave me a chance to join you and now you 
complain that I am in first....OK already, it is just a game.  Good 

Note:  if you want your name or position attached to personals 
messages, please indicate this.  Otherwise, they go in anonymous.

      ME-PBM Wish List

From Jeremy Baxter

increase the ratings of light troops by 50% so they are a viable 
alternative to the heavy types in rough and mountainous terain.

Allow a free RECON from an army not moving evaisively each turn.

Disband armies automaticaly after you hit 100% tax instead of 
knocking you out of the game.

Prevent Neutrals declaring for the winning side if the larger side 
has twice as many active nations as the smaller. This would be fun,
If a neutral waits too long they have to declare for the losing side 
- or even the odds by taking out one of the victorious nations.  If 
you wait too long the victors will just ignore you so preventing a 
victory by inaction.

Spells to produce false armies, scramble character i.d.s, lie about 
artifacts held etc - a bit like spreading rumours This way you could 
try and convince a player that one of his allies just nicked his 
prize artifact - etc.

Make the presence of characters in a town, especially agents doing 
Guard Loc increase the chance of reporting foreign characters.

From Doug Bergstrom

Wish List:
1)  Allow Eothraim startup to have characters at capital.
2)  Make Vamuag hidden and give QA one decent commander.
3)  Add a quick line to char description when assassinated..i.e.
Bain was found under boulders, Argeleb thought wine tasted funny,
Akhorihil didn't recognize the new guard...this would add a little
4)  Ask neutrals if they want to be in a grudge match prior to game
start (there is a "REAL" bias against them).

Editor's Note:  I definitely agree with this last.  Playing a 
neutral in a team game is much harder than playing one in a regular 
game.  The coordination of a team allows them to eliminate you much 
more quickly and with greater confidence, meaning they aren't as 
eager to recruit you as they might otherwise be.

 How I Got Shafted in ME-PBM

Nothing this time.