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    MEPBM Game Variants

    Below are most (if not all) of the different MEPBM variants offered by MEGames, Ltd. This list is subject to change without notice, but I'll try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

    Battle of the Five Armies (BoFA)
    Normal: Limited orders available (about 1/3rd the normal games) designed for new players. 3 FP vs 2 DS 10 turns - very fast and aggressive.
    Veteran version of the above: all orders available, no turn limit.

    Fourth Age, circa 1000:
    Normal: one nation per allegiance allowed +20% kidnap/assassinate SNA
    Limited Assassination Scenario (LAS): The following SNAs are not allowed: +20% kid/ass, 2x Scout, Stealth bonus
    No Kidnap or Assassinate (NKA): No kidnap/assassinate orders allowed. We occasionally do variants for Grudge games.
    Please note that there are a LOT of changes to this scenario now - SNAs are recosted, regional placement is in place, King, Prince characters are part of your set-up, ask for full rules.

    Third Age, circa 2950:
    Normal: Standard game as per the standard rules.
    War of the Ring (WotR): designed by Richard Devereux. Extra starting armies and PCs for both sides. Specific changes can be found in this PDF file.
    Gunboat: 12 players - duo of nations no diplomacy and other special rules. Pre-aligned Neutrals. See list of nation duos below.
    Grudge games: 12v12 with pre-aligned Neutrals. Team 1 (randomly determined) chooses a Neutral, Team 2 chooses the next two Neutrals and then Team 1 selects a 2nd Neutral. The last Neutral is removed from the game. Also do 10v10 with 5 Neutrals.

    Third Age, circa 1650:
    Normal Standard game as per the standard rules.
    Gunboat: See 2950 gunboat description above. See list of nation duos below.
    Grudge games: 12v12 and 10v10 with 5 Neutrals. 12v12 has the Easterlings removed, a fort on 4217 and 1910. Cor/Dun FP, Rhu/Har DS
    Variants: Decided by players, one variant is a quick smash and grab with 6v6 and some of the nations not active.

    Note: With all variants, MEGames will support them if there is a player base but be aware that the variants are much harder to fill than normal games. There are no First or Second Age games.

    Third Age, circa 2950 Gunboat nation duos:
    Free People
    1/10 Woodmen/Noldo Elves
    2/9 Northmen/Sinda Elves
    3/22 Riders of Rohan/Rhun Easterlings
    4/6 Dunadan Rangers/Northern Gondor
    5/7 Silvan Elves/Southern Gondor
    8/23 Dwarves/Dunlesdings
    Dark Servants
    11/14 Witch King/Cloud Lord
    12/21 Dragon Lord/Corsairs
    13/19 Dog Lord/Long Rider
    16/20 Ice King/Dark Lieutenants
    17/24 Quiet Avenger/White Wizard
    18/15 Fire King/Blind Sorcerer

    Third Age, circa 1650 Gunboat nation duos:
    Free People
    1/4 Woodmen/Arthedain
    6/23 N Gondor/Dunland
    7/3 S Gondor/Eothraim
    8/2 Dwarves/Northmen
    9/5 Sindar/Cardolan
    10/3 Noldor/Harad
    Dark Servants
    18/17 Fire King/Quiet Avenger
    14/24 Cloud Lord (with 3428 as a villag, 3629 as a MT)/Rhudaur
    16/19 Ice King/Long Rider
    11/20 Witch King/Dark Lieutenants
    13/15 Dog Lord/Blind Sorcerer
    12/21 Dragon Lord/Corsairs
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